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EUROe Developer Portal

EUROe - Always One

Works Like Any Other Token

EUROe works like any ERC20, SPL, or CIS-2 token. Integrate it to your DeFi protocol as usual.

Always Redeemable for 1 EUR

Each EUROe is fully backed by at least 1 Euro worth of assets. EUROe clients can always redeem 1 EUROe for 1 EUR.

Integrate Beyond DeFi

As e-money, EUROe can be issued on any blockchain or through other digital means. Get in touch if you need EUROe on your private blockchain or proprietary system.

Welcome to the EUROe Developer Portal

The EUROe Developer Portal aims to provide developers and others building on top of the EUROe stablecoins, APIs, or other systems with the necessary resources for getting started and excelling in their mission.

This portal is divided into subdirectories based on the EUROe system component you are using. Please see the below list for an overview of the EUROe system:

  • Stablecoin: Deployments of the EUROe stablecoin on public blockchains.
  • APIs: Allow programmatic access to EUROe minting & burning facilities among other features through the public EUROe APIs and authenticated Membrane Account API.
  • Bridge: Near instant, no-slippage cross-chain bridge for EUROe. Available to Membrane Account users.
  • Bridged EUROe: Third-party versions of EUROe on EVM-compatible L2s and sidechains.

About EUROe

EUROe is a MiCA-compliant electronic money token

EUROe is an electronic money token available on public blockchains as well as through private and proprietary digital systems. EUROe utilises the latest architectural frameworks and programming languages to enable a 21st century money that is fast, cheap, and programmable.

EUROe is fiat backed

EUROe is fully backed with liquid Euro denominated reserves held at European banks and financial institutions. One EUROe is always redeemable for one Euro.

EUROe is regulated by the Fin-FSA

EUROe is developed by Membrane Finance, a Finnish financial technology company regulated as an electronic money institution by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

EUROe is not just a stablecoin

EUROe is primarily available as a stablecoin on various public blockchains. Additionally, EUROe can be integrated or used on various private blockchains or proprietary systems. As an EMT, EUROe can be made available to any blockchain-based environment.