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Contract Addresses

The EUROe stablecoin is currently available on Ethereum only, with planned support for more EVM-compatible chains in the near future.

EUROe stablecoin implementation on the EVM is programmed in Solidity.

Social Wallets

Please note that the EUROe social wallet addresses, such as EUROe.eth and EUROe.sol are not related to the stablecoin smart contracts in any manner. The social wallet addresses do not hold any smart contract roles and are hosted using different systems, architecture, and infrastructure. A compromised EUROe social wallet does not bear any impact on the stablecoin smart contracts or overall system security.

Testnet Contracts

Please note that testnet contract addresses may change from time to time and are not subject to the same operational or security policies as the production environment.

Ethereum Addresses

Smart Contracts

Contract NameAddressBlock explorer link
EUROe Stablecoin (ERC20)0x835F0ee06DADc852FE7B95E927672639a2952a70View on Etherscan ↗
ERC1967 Proxy0xA089a21902914C3f3325dBE2334E9B466071E5f1View on Etherscan ↗

Associated roles

RoleAddressBlock explorer link
BLOCKED_ROLEAddresses with this role are not listed here.
For more information, please see Blocklisting
BLOCKLISTER_ROLE0x4f5671d58c76F6Fd18fef62E382df099Cd7a099AView on Etherscan ↗
BURNER_ROLE0x24eaf896ecB6B327f64323ef6bF39D87Ea60D5B6View on Etherscan ↗
DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE0x4a71F4B81B27B007A7433dC8a218D070f5fD9ED9View on Etherscan ↗
MINTER_ROLE0x24eaf896ecB6B327f64323ef6bF39D87Ea60D5B6View on Etherscan ↗
PAUSER_ROLE0x4f5671d58c76F6Fd18fef62E382df099Cd7a099AView on Etherscan ↗
PROXYOWNER_ROLE0x4a71F4B81B27B007A7433dC8a218D070f5fD9ED9View on Etherscan ↗
RESCUER_ROLE0x4f5671d58c76F6Fd18fef62E382df099Cd7a099AView on Etherscan ↗
UNPAUSER_ROLE0x4f5671d58c76F6Fd18fef62E382df099Cd7a099AView on Etherscan ↗