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Testnet Faucets

Developers can get EUROe for testing purposes on testnets from faucets. Please note that the withdrawable amount and withdraw frequencies have been limited on some chains to ensure a good developer experience for everyone. If the faucet is empty, please notify us.

EVM Implementations

Call the getEUROe() function to receive testnet EUROe.

Arbitrum GoerliEUROe faucet available at 0xb14652C1B6e0C8A3bEB1aCBb864cc55b14f335eDArbiscan ↗
Avalanche FujiEUROe faucet available at 0xb14652c1b6e0c8a3beb1acbb864cc55b14f335edSnowtrace ↗
EUROe is also available through the Avalanche ↗
Ethereum GoerliEUROe faucet available at 0x77a2998a260705a535d7d74dbac4b9b6451ff6f4Etherscan ↗
Ethereum SepoliaEUROe faucet available at 0xe403e74bb5454307f021f7f64e95cd4d088af5a6Etherscan ↗
GEN-X TestnetYou must be an existing participant of the Gaia-X Web3 Ecosystem to receive EUROe. For more information regarding onboarding to the Gaia-X Web3 Ecosystem, please refer to the GEN-X Network documentation.
If you are a participant, please contact deltaDAO by emailing contact (at) delta-dao (dot) com
Polygon MumbaiEUROe faucet available at 0x77a2998a260705a535d7d74dbac4b9b6451ff6f4PolygonScan ↗

The faucet's code is publicly available on GitHub.


The EUROe Solana Devnet faucet is available here. Simply enter your address and click the button.

The faucet address is 9PvnB5D298wRPNxF9na88ATmLf4AXvYYsix1JY6ydaa1 Solana Explorer ↗

If the faucet has ran out of SOL or EUROe, you can top it up by sending funds to the above address. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will top it up. If you need EUROe in a larger quantity, contact us.