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The EUROe Stablecoin contract may be paused under extraordinary or force majeure circumstances.

In the unlikely case where production contracts are paused, Membrane Finance ("Membrane") may, for example, implement upgrades to the contract itself and/or instruct users to reset approvals. If a production contract is paused, Membrane will attempt to notify all EUROe users and give adequate time for user response. To ensure you will be informed in such a situation, we suggest following our social media accounts and subscribing to our newsletter.

Concordium Implementation

Pausing the contract prevents the following functions from being called:

  1. contract_mint
  2. contract_burn
  3. contract_transfer
  4. contract_update_operator
  5. contract_set_implementor

Pausing the contract does not impact the following functions:

  1. contract_get_circulating_supply
  2. contract_balance_of
  3. contract_token_metadata
  4. contract_supports
  5. contract_grant_role
  6. contract_remove_role
  7. contract_blocklist
  8. contract_unblocklist
  9. contract_upgrade
  10. contract_set_paused

In summary, pausing the contract prevents normal user operations but does not impact Membrane's ability to make critical changes to the contract, roles, or blocking.

EVM Implementations

Production contracts

Pausing the contract disables token transfers, minting, and burning. It does not prevent, for example, new approvals or upgrades to the contract itself.

Testnet contracts

The testnet contracts may be paused from time to time in order to test internal processes and systems. A list of recent tests is maintained below.

Emergency pausing tests

January 2023
Test date2023/01/30 - 2023/01/31
Test networkEthereum Goerli
Test reasonInternal systems & processes testing
Outage length< 18 hours
Pausing transaction0xd99d904a67512b1c446573bf55111931337d15a6ce4a0eefcb6a68654ed27ae3
Unpausing transaction0xc9e78063d27d582880fa8e89c1928394c087128bc0afe11ef9edbd5e672922b7