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Bridged EUROe (EUROe.b)

Bridged EUROe, or EUROe.b as known by its ticker, is a third-party deployed version of EUROe which is backed with EUROe held in a bridge contract on the Ethereum L1.

EUROe.b Overview Diagram

Any version of EUROe.b is not deployed, maintained, nor endorsed by Membrane Finance. It is of critical importance that end-users understand the risks of interacting with EUROe.b which may include, but are not limited to, partial or complete loss of funds due to technical risk, theft, fraud, or incompetence.

Native EUROe vs Bridged EUROe

Issued by Membrane Finance, a Finnish electronic money institutionCreated by a third party
Backed by Euros and always redeemable 1:1Backed by EUROe on another blockchain locked in a smart contract
Compatible with EUROe Account functionality (minting, burning, redeeming, and more)Not compatible with EUROe Account functionality
Available on multiple chains, including non-EVM chainsDeployable by anyone to any EVM compatible chain or to non-EVM chains after consultation

You can learn more about the different versions of EUROe at


EUROe.b can also be deployed to non-EVM chains. If you are interested in doing so, please contact the EUROe team