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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I follow the EUROe.b deployment instructions?

Deploying a bridged versions of EUROe and following the deployment instructions defined here does not increase deployment complexity much. However, it comes with certain benefits that would not be available to you and your users if the instructions weren't followed, such as:

  • Developers have certainty that EUROe.b contract addresses will persists after an upgrade to EUROe
  • Users may use EUROe.b without the need to transition to a new asset once EUROe is deployed
  • Liquidity needs to be bootstrapped only once
  • Reduce risk of scams and other illicit activities related to moving to a new asset
Is Membrane Finance obligated to upgrade EUROe.b to EUROe?

No. Membrane's decision to ugprade EUROe.b is subject to thorough due diligence and additional terms.