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Deployment Instructions

You must follow these deployment instructions exactly. Deviating from these instructions may lead to ineligibility for future hand over or ineligibility to utilise the EUROe.b logos or trademarks.


Why should I follow the EUROe.b deployment instructions?

Hand Over

Membrane Finance will work with your team to complete smooth hand over. As part of the hand over we will complete due diligence on the blockchain, its infrastructure, team, and relevant organisations. The EUROe.b contract will be temporarily paused when it is upgraded to the native EUROe contract.

Information for Developers

Developers looking to integrate Bridged EUROe should closely familiriase themselves with the contents of this page in addition to the design, architecture, and components of the EUROe stablecoin and the bridge system they choose.

Information for Users

Users of EUROe.b should be aware of the increased risks of using EUROe.b over the natively issued version. Key risks include but are not limited to:


Bridged EUROe, or EUROe.b as known by its ticker, is a third-party deployed version of EUROe which is backed with EUROe held in a bridge contract on the Ethereum L1.