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EUROe is a euro stablecoin. EUROe is fully backed and regulated as electronic money in Europe by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

This documentation aims to give you a high-level understanding of the EUROe stablecoin and a trusted source for information on, e.g., contract addresses. Fortunately, from a developer and end-user point of view, the overall software architecture of EUROe is very simple to understand as it is mostly a standard ERC20 on EVMs, an SPL on Solana, and a CIS-2 token on Concordium.

Please visit the GitHub repositories for more detailed function descriptions and documentation.


Blockchain typeSupported blockchainDecimalsToken symbolToken nameToken addresses
Production networksArbitrum One6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Avalanche (C-Chain)6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Concordium6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Ethereum6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Optimism6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Polygon6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Solana6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Test networksArbitrum One Goerli6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Avalanche Fuji6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Concordium Testnet6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Ethereum Goerli6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Ethereum Sepolia6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
GEN-X Testnet6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Polygon Mumbai6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗
Solana Devnet6EUROeEUROe StablecoinView ↗