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EUROe is available on multiple chains which has implications on the time at which a EUROe transaction is considered final. For the purposes of processing EUROe redemptions (burns), finality is considered achieved as follows:

NetworkFinality requirementsApproximate time to finality
Arbitrum One2 fully completed epochs on Ethereum in addition to the epoch in which the Sequencer posted the L2 batch.15 min
Avalanche (C-Chain)12 finalised blocks.<1 min
ConcordiumThe transaction's block is superseded by at least two certified blocks in two consecutive rounds.<1 min
Ethereum2 fully completed epochs in addition to the epoch in which the transaction was included15 min
OptimismThe L1 block containing the calldata of the relevant L2 batch is finalised.15 min
Polygon128 completed blocks4 min
Solana32 completed blocks<1 min

The values in this table are subject to change without notification.

Membrane Finance reserves the right to adjust its definition of finality on a case-by-case basis, during network disruptions, or if a block reorganisation, or similar event, happens on the given network prior to the processing of the redemption. Finality considerations may not be applied on test networks.