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Frequently Asked Questions

Can flashloans impact the stablecoin?
EUROe is a fiat-backed stablecoin with off-chain reserves and rigorous operational & technical processes for verifying fund movements with respect to mints and burns. Flashloans do not impact EUROe issuance, redemption, or other parts of the stablecoin.

It is possible to use EUROe as a flashloan asset.
What oracle risks are there to EUROe and its use?
The EUROe stablecoin itself does not rely or use oracles in any capacity. One EUROe is always redeemable for one fiat Euro and oracles are not needed in the implementation of the stablecoin.

Protocols, dApps, and apps implementing EUROe may, however, use various oracles as a price or other metric input. If you are implementing or using EUROe through a third-party, please understand the oracle risks involved.
Does EUROe support EIP-2612 Permit Extension for EIP-20 Signed Approvals?
Yes; the EVM implementation of EUROe does support EIP-2612.
I tried to approve EUROe for use by another contract on Polygon. Why did it not go through?
This is likely due to congestion on the Polygon network. Try again with a higher base and priority fee.