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Contract Addresses

The EUROe stablecoin is currently available for production and testnet use on the blockchains listed below. Further support for more blockchains is planned.


Concordium Implementation


Can flashloans impact the stablecoin?

Mint & Burn Flow

The graphs below illustrate how minting and burning of EUROe works at a high level. Client refers to an entity with a EUROe account.


EUROe is a euro stablecoin. EUROe is fully backed and regulated as electronic money in Europe by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.


The EUROe Stablecoin contract may be paused under extraordinary or force majeure circumstances.

Security & Audits

EUROe smart contracts are developed by Membrane Finance in close collaboration with Equilibrium. In addition to thorough internal testing and auditing, all of our production code is audited by third-parties.

Testnet Faucets

Developers can get EUROe for testing purposes on testnets from faucets. Please note that the withdrawable amount and withdraw frequencies have been limited on some chains to ensure a good developer experience for everyone. If the faucet is empty, please notify us.